The Lodi Police Department responded to a car versus pedestrian accident Tuesday morning after a motorist rolled through a stop sign hitting a woman walking through a crosswalk.

Officers responded to an accident near Holly Drive and North Ham Lane, just after 7:30 a.m.

Upon arrival, officers found that a woman in her 60s had been hit by a slow moving vehicle, and did not sustain any life threatening or serious injuries, Sgt. Steve Maynard said.

“There were two pedestrians in the crosswalk, one male one female. Only the woman was struck. She requested medical care because she was in pain after being hit, and was transported to Adventist Health Lodi Memorial,” Maynard said.

At the time of the accident the driver was traveling eastbound on Holly Drive when she rolled through the stop sign and hit the woman in the crosswalk, police said.

“The driver said she could not see people walking in the crosswalk because of the position of the sun, which she said blinded her,” Maynard said.

The driver of the vehicle remained on scene and cooperated with officers, police said.

Tuesday’s accident follows after bicyclist was struck by a vehicle rolling through an intersection near Tejon Street and Lower Sacramento Road on Feb. 2.

The cyclist was riding northbound on Lower Sacramento Road when she was hit by a driver attempting to make a turn from Tejon Street. She said the driver did not see her, and struck her as he pulled out of Tejon Street. The cyclist sustained a broken leg.

Lodi Police Lt. Fernando Martinez said motorists that violate traffic laws are cited by officers, and must appear before a judge in traffic court, where a fine is determined.

Martinez said that there has not been an increase in traffic violations, but noted that the police department has only one officer dedicated to enforcing traffic laws as opposed to three in past years. He said the driver was cited in Tuesday’s accident.

“We do a lot more primary collision factor operations and have found a lot of the causes for accidents are related to speeding and distracted driving,” Martinez said. “But our job as officers is to educate and teach drivers about the laws, not just enforce them, which is why we stress the importance of focusing on driving, don’t get distracted, and whenever conditions are bad slow down and practice good judgment.”

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