A possible hit and run on Tuesday afternoon sent one Lodi student to the hospital with minor injuries.

Chelsea Vongehr, a spokeswoman for Lodi Unified School District, issued the following statement on Wednesday.

“The safety of our students is always our top priority. We can confirm that an incident occurred yesterday between a car and a student walking to Beckman Elementary School. As a result, a student was injured. We are fully cooperating with the Lodi Police Department as they investigate this accident further. We will continue to work with Beckman Elementary School students and staff on safety measures.”

Lodi Police Officer Brannon Haro, a school resource officer, said the student was walking east on West Century Boulevard across Scarborough Drive to the parking lot of Century Assembly — a nearby church — where his mother was waiting for him.

According to Haro, the student said the car was driving south across Scarborough Drive and passed in front of the student, who was reportedly in the crosswalk.

“(The student) said when the car passed in front of him, he said his foot got clipped under the wheel,” Haro said.

The student reportedly ran across the street to his mother’s car, Haro said, and told his mother what happened. The student’s mother then took him to the hospital after complaining of pain.

“There were no broken bones, no serious injuries,” Haro said.

The child described the car as a gray or silver compact sedan, Haro said, that was driven by “a woman of Indian descent,” who was wearing a headscarf.

“He didn’t get a good look at her face or anything, so he wasn’t able to identify her,” Haro said.

Without a license plate number or a more specific description of the driver, Haro said it will be difficult for police to investigate the incident.

“We don’t have a suspect. We don’t even know if a crime has been committed,” Haro said, adding that police do not know if the driver was even aware of what happened. “It’s kind of like finding a needle in a haystack.”

Haro said the student’s mother never called law enforcement, and that he learned of the incident from the school district, who he said saw a Facebook post made by the student’s mother.

No witnesses have come forward, Haro said, and police received no calls for service from that area around that time.

“Normally, that’s a pretty busy intersection because Tokay (High School) and Beckman are getting off school and we didn’t get one call,” Haro said.

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