BEA AHBECK/NEWS-SENTINEL Michelle Copeland, of Acampo, works out at Pure Form PFT (Personal Fitness Training) in Lodi Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2018.

Pure Form Personal Fitness Training will hold its grand re-opening on Jan. 12 at 8 a.m. as they relocate from their location at 700 E. Pine St. to 429 W. Lockeford St.

The opportunity to move to a more central location arose after Twin Arbors announced that its three Lodi clubs were closing in late September. Two of the sites, the Lockeford Street and Hutchins Street locations, were purchased and will remain fitness clubs. Joel Flynn, the owner of Pure Form Training in Lodi, seized the opportunity when he knew it was available for purchase.

“We are currently working on minor renovations, and we have both our Lockeford and Pine Street locations open for our members,” Flynn said. The Pine Street location will close once they have officially moved to Lockeford Street.

According to Flynn, the acquisition of the Lockeford Street club allows Pure Form to offer more services to their members, which they were not able to provide at the Pine Street location. With the purchase, they acquired the gym’s existing cardio equipment and free-weights.

“We are able to offer more, especially for people that are not able to take classes,” Flynn said.

The gym will offer two different membership levels: the PFT membership and the sports club membership. The PFT membership gives members access to the Pure Form training classes and access to the gym and its amenities, whereas the sports club membership only allows members access to the gym

Regardless of membership status, all members are able to participate in the monthly challenges, which are meant to help members achieve their physical fitness goals.

“We are a goal-oriented gym. We want people to reach their fitness potential. We offer a challenge every month for the rest of the year,” said Flynn.

Flynn emphasized that many people hinder their ability to maintain their exercise regime because they don’t trust the process and get discouraged.

“Every fitness journey takes time, but you have to be patient and persistent,” Flynn said.

Flynn knows that people also get bored with the same routine, or stop being challenged which is why he focuses on inserting new workouts and routines so that people always feel like they are doing something new and testing their limits.

“If you're not pushing yourself then you get comfortable and that is when most people quit,” Flynn sad.

According to Flynn, they are taking elements from Pure Form and incorporating them into the gym.

“We provide a personal trainer feel to our members that most big gyms don’t offer,” Flynn said.

Their focus is getting people to be physically active, and they offer trial classes for people who are interested in trying out the gym.

“We have open Spartan training on Saturday for people to try if they want to try and push themselves.”

Flynn and his team are looking to hit the ground running as they extend their services and move into their new space. More information about the gym and membership pricing can be found on their website www.pureformpft.com.

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