Galt’s Marian O. Lawrence Library will be closed from Jan. 6 until the spring of 2019, as it anticipates new updates and renovations.

The library, which is a branch of the Sacramento Public Library system, has looked into the prospects of expanding in recent years. However, due to a limited budget, it has never been able to pursue any projects.

“We are moving forward with the renovations after a partnership with the city was made, which has made it easier to get these renovations done,” said Nina Biddle, facilities manager of the Sacramento Public Library.

Galt’s library will be getting the rooftop replaced, which will begin before any other renovations are started, said Samantha Leblanc, branch supervisor at the library.

Outside the scope of the rooftop and minor layout changes, many of the renovations will be cosmetic updates and fixture replacements.

“The library has been needing new carpet, we will be painting the internal structure of the building, and adding new lower shelves and furniture,” Biddle said.

The library will receive new study tables and furniture for the children's section in the library.

The residents of Galt will have access to other libraries in the Sacramento system, but the closest one to them will be in Elk Grove.

“People will still be able to pick up their holds from the Elk Grove library and use that facility,” LeBlanc said.

According to LeBlanc, Galt’s library will have a bookmobile, and several book drop stations if people are unable to make it out to Elk Grove.

“Our aim is to have the library back up and running by April,” said Meredith Williams, digital communications associate with the Sacramento Public Library.

According to Williams, Galt’s library plays an integral role in the community and offers unique services for its residents.

“They have a seed library, which allows people to get seeds from the library and plant them in their own backyard, and they have a wide range of seeds offered, which is unique because not many libraries have that,” Williams said.

According to Biddle, there is still discussion about whether or not the library will offer new services and technology.

“We have not come to the table and discussed an update to the services as we plan the remodel,” Biddle Said.

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