Tokay senior gets into Yale with full scholarship

By Oula Miqbel

News-Sentinel Staff Writer

Many students dream of getting into an Ivy League school. For Tokay High senior Jasmin Gill, that dream has come true. She was recently accepted into Yale and received a full-ride QuestBridge scholarship.

“I remember getting the envelope and opening it in my car, and when I saw it, I could not believe it,” Gill said.

Surprised by the acceptance she told her family and friends the good news.

"Everyone has been extremely supportive and happy for me, it has all just been very exciting," Gill said.

The QuestBridge program is dedicated to connectingthe nation's brightest students from low-income backgrounds with leading institutions of higher education. Students that apply for the scholarship pick multiple schools in anticipation of getting matched with a school that is a QuestBridge partner.

Students that receive the scholarship are usually in the top 5 to 10 percent of their graduating class with a minimum grade point average of 3.9. They are also most likely to have scored at or above 1310 on their SAT or a 28 on their ACT.

The program this year received 16,248 applications and Gill was among the 1,044 recipients of the scholarship.

Recipients of the scholarship receive coverage for tuition, on-campus housing, books, and supplies, as well as travel expenses. The scholarship is worth over $200,000 per recipient.

Despite the prestige associated with the scholarship, Gill expressed that she is just like everyone else.

“I really like rap music and watching basketball, and I am very family oriented,” Gill Said.

Her favorite rapper is Logic, and she enjoys watching the Los Angeles Lakers. Her close-knit relationship with her family has driven her to achieve academic excellence.

“My family is extremely supportive, and that is what motivates me. They are constantly pushing me, especially my mom,” Gill said.

Although Gill has gotten into Yale, she also applied to Stanford and USC and hopes to get into those schools as well.

“I really want to go to Stanford because I would still be in California and close to my family,” Gill said.

Jeff Tracy, who teaches AP U.S. history at Tokay High, says that Gill will be successful wherever she goes.

“Jasmin is not only intelligent, she is extremely hard working. She caught my attention because I could tell that she cared about what she was learning, and was always engaged in class discussions,” Tracy said.

Tracy has witnessed her academic growth and achievement, which is paralleled by her work ethic and her constant desire to become more informed and well-rounded.

“I can have a conversation with Jasmin and she will know how to engage in the conversation in a constructive and intellectual manner,” Tracy said.

Tracy encouraged Gill to apply for the QuestBridge Scholarship, and also wrote her a letter of recommendation.

“I have a lot of AP students and many of them are interested in passing the class but not so many are interested in the class itself, but Jasmin took a genuine interest in the subject, which immediately stood out to me,” Tracy said.

As Gill concludes her senior year she is looking forward to pursuing her academic career. She is considering a biology major with a focus in public health.

“I would really like to study medicine and become a doctor because I want to help people,” Gill said.

Gill is still eagerly anticipating responses from colleges and remains hopeful at the possibility of a Stanford acceptance letter.

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