There will soon be six new bike racks in Downtown Lodi due to the efforts of Bike Lodi and their sponsors.

Bike Lodi President Kathryn Siddle announced the donation of the bike rack to the city during Wednesday night’s Lodi City Council meeting.

“We are just grateful that the city is installing them. That was part of our donation, we’re giving this gift to the city and they’re going to install them and then they’ll belong to the city,” Siddle said Friday morning.

The new racks — five single racks and one multi-rack — will be installed along School Street. Single racks will be located in front of Shangri La, Lodi Junction, Devine’s Antique, Visit Lodi and Financial Center Credit Union. A multi-rack will be located near the post office at the corner of School and Oak streets. Siddle is not sure when they will be installed, but said the city is working on it.

The single rack can hold up to two bikes while the multi-rack can hold up to eight bikes, Siddle said.

“We’re going to sprinkle Downtown with the single racks and would like to continue to add bicycle racks throughout the city,” she said.

After seeing that the bike racks at the transit station were a huge hit, Siddle said Bike Lodi decided to have the new bike racks remain consistent with the city’s style and theme. The prior bike mechanisms to lock up the bikes on School Street were not effective, Siddle said. Bicyclists would often chain their bikes to the railings of tasting room and restaurant patios, interfering with people walking down the sidewalk.

“Having the attractive bike racks just adds to your Downtown,” she said. “If we’re asking people to ride their bikes downtown to be involved, to come have lunch or anything else, we want to give them a safe place to lock their bikes up. It goes hand and hand”

The donation of the bike racks was made possible by sponsors Dave Kirsten and Sam Rehmke, who paid just under $3,500 for the racks.

“We’re very grateful to Dave and Sam for their support it really made us able to go out and provide a really great product knowing that I didn’t have to go out and do fundraising and that they were providing those funds,”

Siddle is also grateful for the support of the city as well.

“I really feel great about our relationship with the city and working with Dorothy, Julia, and Paul (members of the city transportation staff). They sat down with me — we had multiple meetings — and educated me on where a bike rack can go and meeting their multiple requirements. We could’ve have done it without their support. It really was a project that took everyone coming together.”

In addition to getting more bike racks Downtown, Bike Lodi is also working with he city on the master facility plan to improve connectivity, finding safer routes for children to go to school, developing routes for cycling tours and providing free bike valet for key Lodi events such as the Fourth of July at Lodi Lake and the Farmers Market.

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