Murphys Creek Theatre to produce ‘Proof’

Lauren Elyse Taylor and Michael Crich star in “Proof,” produced by the Murphys Creek Theatre. (Leslie Davis/Courtesy)

Launching Murphys Creek Theatre’s 2020 Season is David Auburn’s Pulitzer and Tony-winning play, “Proof.”

Living in the shadow of her father, a world-renowned mathematician, Catherine lives with the burden of his mental illness, a strained relationship with her sister, adoration from one of her father’s former students, and the possibility that she might have inherited more from her father than his propensity for math.

These characters are just words on a page, and they are nothing without a human soul.

With this as his main focus, director Todd Thomas has assembled a hand-picked family of brilliant talent from near and far who bring life to the play.

Thomas started his professional acting career with Murphys Creek Theatre almost two decades ago. He returns from his time in New York and Portland, Oregon to direct the season’s opener.

“I have always been fond of this script and I was so excited when Robbie Allen sent me his picks for this season,” Thomas said.

Both artistic director Robbie Allen and Thomas have portrayed the role of Hal in previous productions.

“We both had very high expectations for the level of talent in this production, but we didn’t see much turnout for ‘Proof’ at our general auditions,” Thomas said. “After discussing it with Robbie, I decided to reach out to some of the talented people I have met during my career. I could never have imagined how fruitful that would be.”

Michael Crich, an actor-turned-pilot-turned-actor, portrays the world famous and wildly charming mathematical genius, Robert. Catherine is brought to life by Lauren Elyse Taylor. Born and Raised in Los Angeles, Taylor works in both film and stage.

Sarah Coykendall is Claire, Catherine’s financial analyst sister; Hal is tackled by Jon Verkler.

Micki Dambacher, Jack Summers and Naomi Elias have built the set, a full, two-story, Chicago-style house. Stage manager is Courtney Gillaspie and costumes are by Catelin Schenstrom.

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