Lodi Lions Club crab feed

Volunteers get ready to serve crab to the hundreds who turned out for the Lodi Lions Club crab feed at the Lodi Eagles hall on Saturday, Feb. 21, 2015. Pasta and asparagus were also served, followed by a raffle of prizes.

How do local service clubs and corporate fishermen both play a role in raising thousands of dollars for multiple nonprofits?

Through popular crab feeds. Various organizations in and near Lodi — such as Lodi Lions Club, American Legion Post 22 and PALS (People Assisting Lodi Shelter) — host crab feeds annually.

The Real Men’s Club of Galt has been hosting crab feed fundraisers since 2011, according to Robert Scott.

“We pass the money out to leading causes in the Galt area,” Scott said. Past crab feeds hosted by the club have raised more than $110,000.

Real Men’s Club crab feeds have, in the past, supplied on average two to four pounds of crab per person — more than enough for avid seafood lovers.

The club buys its crab from a fishing outlet in Oregon, and volunteers drive to Oregon to pick up the haul a week prior to the event.

Their crab feed also includes an auction and raffle.

Our Lady of Fatima Society in Thornton serves about a whopping 1,500 pounds of crab each year, according to Al Magina, the society’s vice president.

The organization, which brings together people from the Portuguese-American community, orders their crab from Cisco.

“It’s a tradition we have from our country. We have a big celebration that brings people into the organization,” Magina said.

The Lodi Area Community Council of the United Way also hosts annual crab feeds and their proceeds go to many local nonprofits. Last year, they raised a minimum of $10,000.

“We have a grant that we offer to nonprofits, and it depends on who applies,” said Donna Ng, operations director of Lodi Area Community Council.

Their last crab feed proceeds went to organizations including Lodi House, the LOEL Center and other nonprofits that help with hospice, child abuse prevention and more.

Preparation for United Way’s crab feed is handled by volunteers, such as Andy’s Angels, a group of women who want to help and will be running the raffle at this year’s event, according to Ng.

“They’re just helping us get some nuts and bolts together,” Ng said.

United Way gets their crab from Village Catering in Stockton. Their feeds have about 300 people in attendance.

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