Outright Pictures documentary ‘Dry Times’ explores the impacts of California drought

Outright Pictures’ new documentary, “Dry Times,” focuses on how climate shapes our everyday decisions, following three Californians whose livelihoods were threatened by the long statewide drought. (Courtesy)

Outright Pictures is proud to announce the release of “Dry Times,” a documentary directed by Alex Gregory and produced by Anurag Kumar.

“Dry Times” follows people with a unique connection to water and how their livelihoods were threatened by one of the worst droughts in California history.

The movie shines the spotlight on William Selby, Rock Gosselin and Dan Zook. Selby is an author and a retired Earth science professor from Los Angeles, Gosselin is a business owner on Catalina Island, and Zook is a ski bum in Lake Tahoe.

“Dry Times” steps away from the political discussion and focuses on how climate shapes our everyday decisions. The person-focused movie highlights the personal challenges brought on by drought.

Viewers can watch the film on Amazon Prime, or purchase it on iTunes or Google Play.

Outright Pictures is a movie production company run by Gregory and Kumar. Founded in 2020, Gregory and Kumar began their mission to make movies that not only contribute to, but also enhance the industry they love.

“We value the importance of telling unique, unfiltered stories that are unafraid to be different, journeys that break the mold in expressing human nature through particular characters and strong visual storytelling,” the pair said.

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