BEA AHBECK/NEWS-SENTINEL Byron Ruyudo, 12, of Modesto, dressed as a wizard, hangs out during the Geekology event at the World of Wonders Science museum in Lodi Saturday, 24, 2018.

Get ready for the return of the Jedi — along with Sailor Scouts, Time Lords, Hogwarts students and more. Geekology returns to the World of Wonders Science Museum on Saturday, and fans of comics, video games, anime, science fiction, technology and more are invited to come get a little geeky.

“It’s just a little bit of everything,” said Jen Young, educational program coordinator at the World of Wonders.

The first Geekology event was held in 2017, a sort of hybrid science convention-meets-fandom festival. It drew in hundreds of guests from all over Northern California.

The event was so popular, it returned last year with comic books, a gaming expo, pinball machines, “Star Trek” and “Star Wars” cosplayers — fans wearing costumes — and more. Once again, it was a hit.

This year will bring back some fan favorites, including the gaming expo, a cosplay contest, a hackerspace, comic books, board games and pinball.

There will also be some new guests: robotics teams from Jim Elliot Christian High School in Lodi and another high school in Elk Grove. The teams will be demonstrating their bots, which have been programmed to perform certain tasks.

“They’re huge. One of the robots is 150 pounds,” Young said.

The 501st Legion, a team of “Star Wars” Stormtrooper cosplayers, will be in attendance, as will the Sacramento Brick Builders.

“They do full murals of things in Legos,” Young said. “It’s amazing, some of the things they do.”

The museum will host new vendors this year, bringing the number of comic book stores to the highest yet. Because the WOW is all about hands-on interaction, each of the vendors brings an activity for their booth, from making buttons out of old comic books to two-minute “Dungeons & Dragons” campaigns.

“It’s super open-ended, which we love,” Young said.

In one of the two-minute campaigns, players must get a pie away from an orc. Teams have done everything from fighting to bartering to a dance-off to a compromise where they shared the pie, Young said.

The interactivity is one thing that sets Geekology apart from other conventions.

“There’s not really anything like it,” Young said.

It’s not just the vendors who have hands-on fun, either. The museum will be showcasing its Makerspace, where visitors will be able to take apart household electronics like printers to see how they work.

“We have our ‘Minecraft’ maker area coming back,” Young added.

The video game tournament will also make a return.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a true fandom festival without cosplay. Visitors are encouraged to dress as their favorite family-friendly character from books, movies, TV shows, video games, anime or comic books. Those wearing kid-friendly costumes will receive a $2 discount on admission.

Cosplayers can compete for prizes in the contest, or just show off their gear in the costume parade.

Even the WOW staff are getting involved in the fun, with a group costume based on the popular “Lord of the Rings” books, which inspired a series of hit movies. Young and his colleagues are trying to create costumes entirely out of thrift store finds and homemade props.

“We’re having a lot of fun with it,” he said.

Prizes for the various competitions come from the vendors, and include gift cards, comic books, hats, card collector sleeves, “Magic: The Gathering” items and more.

The WOW staff invite local fans to come out and enjoy the fun.

“Geekology is going to be a lot of fun,” Young said.

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