Cirque du Soleil is known for its experimental, breath-taking shows, but it’s pushing the envelope even further with CRYSTAL.

“It’s the very first show of Cirque du Soleil on ice. It combines a lot of acrobatics and skating,” cast member Julien Duliere said.

Cast members breakdance, tap dance, show off “extreme ice skating” on ramps, rise above the ice on aerial straps and more.

“It’s a very good combination of all the disciplines,” Duliere said. “It’s pretty impressive to see.”

The show is coming to both Sacramento and Stockton in the coming weeks.

CRYSTAL follows its heroine, the titular Crystal, as she travels through a world of her imagination. Crystal doesn’t quite fit in with her family and friends, feeling like an outsider.

“She’s a little bit special,” Duliere said.

So she escapes her mundane life, traveling through different worlds and meeting a collection of different people. In the process, she finds herself.

For Duliere, CRYSTAL has been something of an adventure. He’s not new to entertaining audiences as an ice skater. Before joining the Cirque du Soleil cast, he was a freestyle skater on a cruise ship.

But with CRYSTAL, Cirque du Soleil has combined the skating world and the circus world, he said. There’s no real regimented routine, but the cast members do train together and practice together between shows.

“Every day we keep learning,” Duliere said.

It’s a difficult show to perform because all of the cast members are constantly in motion, he added. Even backstage they’re always busy.

Duliere has enjoyed learning how to work with his castmates as they fuse together all of the different disciplines needed to create a true Cirque du Soleil performance.

“The show itself is a total different experience,” he said.

Audiences love the show, Duliere said, both for the spectacular acrobatics and skating, and for the storyline.

“Everybody is going to interpret it differently, I think,” he said.

CRYSTAL has been a huge success, Duliere added. The cast has received several standing ovations and great feedback from audience members.

“We can really feel that they enjoy (it),” he said. “It’s really for everybody. You can be 5 and enjoy it or you can be 70.”

Everyone who wants to see an amazing show should come out to see the first-of-its-kind performance, he said.

“When you come see the show, you go home with a lot of good memories and feelings,” Duliere said.

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