Lodi wine in sweet ice cream form

A wine sorbet at Double Dip Gallery in Lodi on Monday, April 20, 2015. Tony Segale, artist and gallery owner, had his ice cream producer create the sorbet made from Michael-David’s Petit Syrah. The sorbet is sold exclusively at the fine art and ice cream gallery, alongside work from local artists.

In 1984, ice cream got a month of its own, complete with a special day to celebrate. President Ronald Reagan — a former governor of California — loved the sweet dessert and issued a proclamation calling on Americans to observe July as National Ice Cream Month with “appropriate ceremonies and activities.”

We’re two-thirds of the way through July, but if you haven’t been celebrating appropriately yet, don’t worry. Sunday is National Ice Cream Day, so there’s still time.

Luckily, there are plenty of spots to get the sweet, cold summertime treat here in Lodi. In reverse alphabetical order:

Velvet Grill & Creamery

1421 S. Ham Lane, Lodi; 209-369-823

Get ready for a Sunday sundae to remember. Velvet Grill & Creamery has a variety of flavors, including rocky road, mint and Heath Bar. Ice cream is scooped into a glass dish and topped with nuts, whipped cream and various sugary sweet sauces.

The restaurant also has a menu full of breakfast, lunch and dinner options, in case you want to prep for a sugar rush with something a little more balanced.

Sweet Lab Boba Tea & Desserts

1401 S. Lower Sacramento Road Suite 130, Lodi; 209-426-5683

There’s more than just bubble tea at this new dessert destination. Sweet Lab has unique ice cream flavors like Black Sesame, Ube, Cookie Monster, Thai Tea, Lychee and Vietnamese Coffee, served up with (if the customer wants it) boba pearls, a chewy tapioca or jelly item.

Customers can also get flavored coffees and milk teas, ice cream donuts, and other tasty treats.

Sunset Sweets Ice Cream and Treats

2414 W. Kettleman Lane Suite 210, Lodi; 209-327-6067

Sunset Sweets takes its ice cream seriously. With 16 different flavors and toppings like strawberry, hot fudge and M&Ms, the dessert shop adds a few options to the traditional dessert, whether customers prefer a cone or a sundae.

Sunset Sweets also serves up brownies, cheesecake, cookies, shaved ice and banana bread for those not screaming for ice cream.

If you miss them on National Ice Cream Day, be sure to drop by during a Friday evening ice cream social.

Oh My Yogurt

2314 W. Kettleman Lane, Lodi; 209-367-1899

Maybe ice cream’s not your thing. Oh My Yogurt has a rotating selection of eight yogurt flavors for human customers — along with three flavors just for dogs — with options like Cookies and Cream, Graham Cracker and Cable Car Chocolate.

Customers choose their flavor, then load up on toppings from sprinkles, candy and pretzels to fresh fruit at this self-serve location.


2624 W. Kettleman Lane Suite 120, Lodi; 209-625-8700

Like Oh My Yogurt, Menchie’s offers 12 flavors of self-serve froyo and sorbet, with options like Dragon Fruit, Chocolate Hazelnut, Dreamy Dulce De Leche and Island Mango Sorbet. Flavors rotate, so not all of the flavors are available all the time.

Customers get to choose from a selection of toppings, including fresh fruit, chocolate, a selection of syrups and boba pearls. They can also make froyo cakes and sandwiches, and sell fruit bars.

House of Ice Cream

401 S. Cherokee Lane, Lodi

The popular Stockton ice cream parlor has expanded to Lodi, and held its soft opening on Friday. Serving up flavors like Horchata, Cocoa Pebbles, Thai Tea, Hot Cheetos and Cotton Candy — all made fresh daily — the ice cream shop has made a name for itself with its mason jars packed with shakes and topped with schools, waffle sandwiches, and ice cream filled donuts and conchas.

Honey Treat Yogurt Shoppe

201 W. Lodi Ave., Lodi; 209-369-8072

Honey Treat scoops out a selection of flavors, with a few constants plus four flavors that change daily. Top your selection with candy or fruit.

Honey Treat also serves up coffee drinks like white mochas and caramel iced coffees, or customers can order an affogato — vanilla yogurt topped with hot espresso.

Foster’s Freeze

315 N. Ham Lane, Lodi; 209-368-6398

If you like the classics, Foster’s Freeze is a safe bet. The old-fashioned drive-up diner serves sundaes, banana splits, chocolate-dipped cones and Twisters — a shake with mix-ins like M&Ms and Oreos. Make it a lunch and try their made-to-order burgers, Texas Toast sandwiches or bacon ranch fries.

Double Dip Gallery

222 W. Pine St., Lodi; 209-365-3344

Serving up local favorite Gunther’s Ice Cream — including favorites like Birthday Cake, Butter Brickle, Rocky Road, Salted Caramel and Swiss Orange Chip — Tony Segale’s Double Dip Gallery also showcases art and curiosities.

While visitors savor their ice cream, they can take in “Double Secret Impressions,” which features Segale’s own work as well as pieces by artist Jeannie Vodden. The pair used the same medium and subject matter to showcase how different artists bring their own personality to their work.

Wine lovers will also want to sample Michael David Winery’s Petite Petit Sorbet, made exclusively for Double Dip.

Coldstone Creamery

115 W. Elm St., Lodi; 209-369-1233

With a huge selection of “mix ins,” customers can create their own flavors of ice cream and watch as employees hand-mix it on a granite slab. Join Coldstone’s rewards program by July 20, and you can get a “buy one, get one free” deal on National Ice Cream Day.


480 S. Cherokee Lane Suite D, Lodi; 135 Lakewood Mall, Lodi

The national chain, founded in Glendale in 1945, has launched a number of desserts themed around the hit Netflix series “Stranger Things,” including July’s flavor of the month, USS Butterscotch — Inspired by the ice cream shop in the show’s mall.

Grab two pre-packed quarts for $7.99 in store, order through DoorDash to receive free delivery on orders of $10 or more, with the checkout code STRANGERTHINGS.

A&W Root Beer

216 E. Lodi Ave., Lodi; 209-368-8548

You can get shakes or sundaes in many of the fast food places in Lodi, but A&W has that hometown charm — it was founded right here 100 years ago, after all. It’s also famous for its delicious, ice-cold root beer floats.

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