BEA AHBECK/NEWS-SENTINEL House of Coffee's Snickerdoodle latte at the Lodi coffee shop Thursday, Sept. 20, 2018.

It’s a big week for coffee.

Sunday is National Coffee Day in the United States — along with neighbors Mexico and Canada. The celebration continues Tuesday with International Coffee Day.

Both are new holidays. The first National Coffee Day in the U.S. was in 2005, and the first International Coffee Day was held in Milan for Expo 2015.

Celebrations of coffee may be relatively new, but humans’ love of the caffeinated bean runs deep. Coffee has been popular since Arab traders first began spreading the beverage more than 500 years ago. By 1600, it had reached Italy, and soon all of Europe was wild about the drink.

In the British colonies in the Americas, it wasn’t originally all that popular. The American Revolution changed that. Tea grown in India’s British colonies was suddenly harder to get ahold of, and the American patriots had resolved to stop drinking tea following the Boston Tea Party anyway.

Today, it’s easy to get a great cup of coffee in Lodi and the rest of the U.S., whether you prefer it black or the seasonal favorite: a latte loaded with milk, sugar and pumpkin spice.

Local coffee shops have a few suggestions for welcoming fall:

“For the fall, right now we have a salted caramel white mocha. That one’s pretty popular,” JavaStop employee Erica Natera said.

The drive-thru also has a pumpkin spice latte, a marsh-mallow flavored s’mores mocha, and more. While they’re available year-round, they rise in popularity this time of year. There are also year-round favorites, like the extreme toffee, Snickers- and Almond Joy-inspired drinks (they don’t contain the popular candies but do channel their flavors) and Natera’s favorite, the white mocha.

House of Coffees, too, has a selection of drinks that are popular in the fall — warm and cozy options, Sami Oliver-Terra said.

And when fall weather doesn’t arrive on time, and it’s too warm for hot drinks?

“We have a fall freeze that’s a blended pumpkin drink,” she said.

All of the local coffee shops have a selection of fall-themed drinks, Oliver-Terra said, and they love to get creative.

“If you’re looking for something really fun and seasonal, go to a local coffee shop,” she said.

Many of the local shops also offer ways to make your favorite drinks at home.

Java Stop, which roasts its own beans, sells them along with carafes of coffee for meetings and events.

House of Coffees also sell beans by the half pound or pound, ground or whole, along with cold brew. If people want to flavor their cold brew a certain way, the employees can offer tips.

Oliver-Terra invited people to visit Lodi’s coffee shops, sample their drinks, meet new people and enjoy the season.

“My biggest passion and encouragement is for people to support local shops,” she said.

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