We’re glad you came and delighted you’ve picked up Discover Lodi ..., the thoroughly local visitors guide produced by the Lodi News-Sentinel.

Many people have wine on their minds when they come to Lodi and Discover Lodi ... is a great guide to our one-hundred-year-plus wine grape tradition.

But there’s lot’s more to Discover Lodi ... . Consider, for instance, those three little dots. They’re a sort of shorthand for the rest of our visitor’s guide, which includes sights and delights in the Delta and the Mother Lode.

Make these your next “Lodi” destination. Don’t miss Daffodil Hill in the spring, Sutter Creek’s quaint Main Street and spelunking in the Mother Lode’s many limestone caves.

The Delta is a boater’s paradise and a history buff’s trove. Inside this guide are details on the Ryde Hotel, Locke and many destinations in the Delta’s waterways.

Also here are tips on kayaking throughout our region. Remember, kayaks have a shallow draft and this is one water sport that will thrive during the drought.

We have great indoor destinations too: The World of Wonders Science Museum, the San Joaquin County Historical Museum, Micke Grove Zoo and Hill House are just a few. We even have a guide to haunted Lodi. Just turn the page if you dare.

Wine lovers and foodies will savor Lodi. The tasting rooms in our vibrant downtown generally serve wines from several wineries and the Lodi Wine and Visitor’s Center, 2545 W. Turner Rd., is a great place to begin your exploration of our vineyards and wineries.

The Lodi region is different than more renowned destinations because it’s personal. Our big wineries, Robert Mondavi Woodbridge, Sutter Home, Constellation Brands make a wide range of consistently excellent wines and have great staff at their tasting rooms. At the smaller wineries, you’ll actually meet the vintners and learn the crafts of farming small vineyards and making a boutique wine. The elegant tasting rooms at Lange Twins and Oak Farms — to name just two — will leave you feeling like the Great Gatsby.

And if you’re not into wine, Discover Lodi ... is a great guide to craft breweries, saloons and cocktails lounges.

Then there are the restaurants. At the risk of leaving out dozens of great ones, I’ll mention just a few personal favorites: the elegant bill of fare at Wine & Roses, the pub food at Lodi Beer Co., the Asian fusion at Shangri La, and the crowd pleasing Habanero Hots. From there, ask your waiter, hostess or chef for recommendations for other great Lodi kitchens.

Our restaurateurs and vintners are happy to recommend their friends and neighbors. There’s little competitive jealousy and a world of community pride in Lodi.

Make the most of your time here and then plan to come back.

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