Taylor Kininmonth is the owner and operator of Sip Shuttle, a wine-tasting shuttle service for the Lodi appellation.

It’s the only business in Lodi that transports wine tasters safely from one winery to the next while the guests learn about wines and winegrapes in the area.

For more information, call (209) 747-6658 or visit www.sipshuttle.com.

Favorite place to eat in Lodi

I love Pietro’s, my favorite. I like the outside patio area and going in and feeling like you’re family there. Oh, and their food’s great, of course. (317 E. Kettleman Lane, Lodi. (209) 368-0613.)

One thing not to miss on a tour of Lodi

Other than the wine, I show visitors the Lodi Lake area. They like being outside, and they can see there’s more to Lodi than the wine stuff. There’s paddle boarding and the nature trail. A little bit outside of the city.

Favorite outing in or around Lodi

Mainly I go to Lodi Lake and the trails around there. I take my dog out to the dog area or I run around the nature trail.

What’s one secret most outsiders don’t know about Lodi?

Food-wise, School Street Bistro on School Street. It’s not talked about as much as it should be. Oh, and olive oil tasting! (116 N. School St., Lodi, (209) 333-3950.)

Favorite place to browse or shop

I like Bella’s Closet on Pine Street. Cute clothes, good window shopping. (14 W. Pine St., Lodi. (209) 339-9838)

Is there something quirky but cool about Lodi?

I really like the agriculture here — fascinating to see for people coming in from out of the area; really neat to see the cherries and walnuts and everything. The quirky thing is that all the families and growers are so interested in what they do. They’re out in the field farming.

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