Lodi police sealed entry to the Parkwest Casino at 1800 S. Cherokee Lane on Friday morning as detectives investigated a dead body and the events leading up to the man’s death.

At 7:39 a.m. Lodi police officers responded to reports of an attempted robbery at the casino. When officers arrived, they found a man dead, according to the Lodi Police Department.

Detectives continued to investigate the scene throughout the day and could be seen walking in and out of the building, at times crossing the crime tape, which was whipping around in the high winds.

Lodi Police Partners were stationed at each entrance to the parking lot to prevent cars from moving through the area. A San Joaquin County Sheriff’s deputy and a corner were seen visiting the scene as well. 

Parkwest Casino staff, who briefly exited the building, declined to comment on the situation, deferring to information provided by police. 

The casino sits at the former location of Gary’s Uptown Restaurant, a property which has changed hands over the years. It was first approved as a card room known as Wine County Card Room and Restaurant in 2007.

In 2013, the Wine Country Card Room and Restaurant experienced an armed robbery in which a suspect stole cash from a card table and threatened to shoot security guards. But few other major incidents have been reported at that location other than a man who was found to be carrying a concealed weapon while at the location in June 2015.

 A local ordinance prevented the business from referring to itself as a casino until the Lodi City Council voted to approve wording for the Lodi Casino in 2014 after the building was recently renovated. It is now referred to as Parkwest Casino.

Police are still investigating this incident, but did not have any further updates as of Friday evening.

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