The Artumnal Gathering Celebration:

ᖴᘢᖶᘢᖆᕧ ᖴᓋᖇᙢᕠᒫ

A fundraiser for Burning Man & Airpusher Collective

Cosmic travelers, you are hereby invited to a celebration of a possible bright and illustrious future. In 100, 200, 300 years… How will we connect with each other? What parts of community, revelry, and ritual will still be with us in the coming millennia as we overcome the problems that divide us today? What will be the great challenges of our time? On a lighter note, how will we dance? And how will we dress for goodness' sake?

Join us for FUTURE FORMAL, where you, our time traveling guests, are the stars of the show! Come dressed in the most dashing and elegant attire from your time and share tales of how humanity can succeed. If we lift up the best parts of ourselves and our species, we can achieve anything!


Four immersive zones of dancing, live performances, art installations, interactive experiences, and lounges.


With your fellow cosmic time travelers as well as some spectacular art pieces from our favorite community artists. You can also converse with fellow time travelers and futurists in the chill lounge or outdoor area.


Connect and revel with each other on three dance floors as we feature some of the most forward-thinking DJs and producers in our community.


All profits from this event will go to Burning Man Project and the Airpusher Collective for their Burning Man 2019 art projects.

Artumnal Gathering is expanding this year with new festivities in celebration and support of Burning Man’s Art and Civic Engagement programs. You can learn more about the Artumnal Gathering Time(less) Dinner & Auction and the Black Rock Roller Disco Time Warp here.


  • Occurred Saturday, November 17th, 2018 @ 8:00 pm


Space 550

550 Barneveld Ave
San Francisco, CA 94124


Sophie Bousset
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