COVID-19 Update

CDC/ Alissa Eckert, MS; Dan Higgins, MAMS

The California Department of Food and Agriculture is offering educational materials for farmers and farmworkers in the form of two flyers on its website.

The flyers, available in both English and Spanish at the department’s Planting Seeds blog, detail COVID-19 awareness and prevention tips, as well as QR-code links to helpful resources.

The first flyer, “COVID-19 Awareness in Agriculture,” offers advice on preventing the spread of the disease such as washing hands and wearing masks, and offers links to CDFA, California Department of Public Health, the CDC, and the Western Center for Agricultural Health & Safety. It finishes with a CDPH outbreak management checklist.

The second, “TIPS: Educating Farmworkers on COVID-19,” gives more in-depth guides for how managers can help support the workers in the field, and gives links to the CDFA, CDPH, CDC and UC Davis WCAHS resource site and Tailgate Training Guide.

QR codes allow someone to follow a link to an internet site by scanning the code with their smartphone camera, similar to a bar code.

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