Mokelumne Brew House in Downtown Lodi is perfecting its business model with the intention of creating an experience good enough to sell.

The possibility of franchising Mokelumne Brew has been a vision for coffee shop owners Kevin Clark and his wife Kathrynne.

“We are a small-town coffee shop, with an emphasis on the coffee,” Kevin Clark said. “We want to create a homey, warm feeling that is easily translatable with the other shops we hope to open.”

Before the couple could look into franchising they knew that they wanted to develop a business model that would make Mokelumne Brew unique.

“There is an emphasis that we put on coffee by roasting our coffee beans in small batches to reduce the level of acidity of the brew. We focus on developing a smooth flavor, which allows people to drink coffee without the repercussions of heartburn or acid reflex,” Clark said.

As the Brew House carves out its niche in the local coffee scene, the Clarks are focused on all of the elements of a coffee shop that make it perfect for a franchise.

The mood for Mokelumne Brew is meant to incorporate modern accents with a rustic feel, according to Clark.

From a lounge area for guests to enjoy to the soft colors, the couple looks to foster a calm atmosphere that does not have the same hustle and bustle that some shops have. Kathrynne, whose background is in interior design, selected the décor and paint for the coffee shop.

“The purpose of pursuing a rustic feel was to create a customer-centric environment. We are focused on creating an atmosphere that is open to everyone,” Clark said.

On the third Friday of the month, the Mokelumne Brew House transforms from the usual coffee shop into an eccentric music venue that hosts local artists.

The option to offer live music was meant to enhance the patron’s experience and display the talent of local musicians.

In the past, they have hosted musical performances by Tiffani Swain, Brandon K. Guttenfelder and Grey Finch. The Clarks are not specific about music genres, they just like hosting and supporting local artists.

“We are looking for more local acoustic bands in the area to come perform,” Clark said.

The owners coordinate with local talent through their social media pages.

When the performers play in the coffee shop, the owners like to open the doors so that the music can be heard from the street, inviting people to check out the cafe.

The Clarks are currently in the process of getting their license to sell alcohol, which they feel will fit the climate of downtown with its tasting rooms.

“It was always part of our plan to serve local wines and craft beers and open up our demographics,” Clark said.

According to Clark, the shop has a broad range of patrons that visit the shop, which is due to their offerings of both gelato and coffee.

“A lot of kids and grandparents like to come for the gelato and the coffee tends to attract the younger generation,” Clark said.

Mokelumne Brew is located at 115 S. School St. Contact the business at 209-625-8893.

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