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Kids can go green, too

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Posted: Monday, June 28, 2010 12:00 am

While the political debate surrounding global warming continues to rage on, the nation in general continues to grow more environmentally conscious. In fact, with the first decade of the 20th century now over, it's quite possible historians might someday refer to the last 10 years as the "Go Green Decade."

Most adults are fully aware of the myriad ways in which we can go green, including how to conserve fuel, trimming energy usage or even using cloth bags instead of plastic bags when going grocery shopping. While those are all great and easy ways for adults to make a positive impact on the environment, adults might be surprised to learn the many ways in which kids can go green as well.

  • Go green at school. The average American produces roughly 1,000 pounds of trash every year, and that includes kids, many of whom produce a significant portion of trash while at school. But kids can lessen their carbon footprint at school in several ways. First and foremost, kids can stop using disposable pens. Refillable writing instruments, including pens, pencils and markers, greatly reduce waste with little effort. The average wood pencil, for instance, is typically discarded with lots of lead left to use. A mechanical pencil, on the other hand, uses all its available lead before it simply needs to be refilled instead of discarded.

Another way kids can go green at school is to stop brown bagging their lunch. While the brown bag lunch might be a connection to yesteryear, it's also wasteful. Instead of using throwaway brown bags to pack kids' lunch, parents can purchase a reusable lunch box or cooler made of recycled plastic. Neither needs to be thrown away, and both are a one-time expense that can save money down the road.

  • Go green at play time. Going green doesn't have to be all business, especially for kids. Kids can now go green at play time thanks to Creativity for Kids' eco-friendly Recycled Cardboard Dollhouse. Made from recycled cardboard, the 21" x 17 " x 9" dollhouse is easy to assemble, and even the packaging becomes part of the experience, as the inside of the box is printed with a play mat yard.

Upon construction, kids put together the furniture and punch-out paper dolls before using stickers they color in themselves and markers to decorate everything on the interior and exterior of the house. What's more, once kids have finished connecting with their inner interior decorator, they can take their new passion for going green even further by re-purposing items from around the house to accessorize their new dollhouse.

  • Go green with kids. It's no secret kids learn most of their behaviors from Mom and Dad. Parents can use this to their advantage by involving kids in their own efforts to go green. For example, when the weather allows, instead of taking the car to the library, the park or the grocery store, take your bicycles and explain to kids how you're saving fuel and having fun by riding your bikes instead of taking the car. Parents with a green thumb can enlist kids to help in the garden, all the while explaining to them the environmental benefits of growing your own fruits and vegetables.

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