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Friday 04/06/2018
6 reasons to love the Malone Golf Club
Posted: April 06, 2018

(BPT) - A lot of golf courses claim to be the best, but Malone Golf Club has the stats to back it up. Located just south of the Canadian border and within sight of the foothills of New York's beautiful Adirondack Mountains, you'll find a variety of challenges laid out across an undulating landscape. Read on to learn our six favorite things about Malone Golf Club.

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Wednesday 04/04/2018
Tips to Save You from Sticky Outdoor Situations
Updated: April 05, 2018 - 1:35 am

(StatePoint) When it comes to outdoor adventures, tape is at the top of most gear lists for its wide variety of uses -- from torn tents to broken fishing poles to ripped hiking gear. No matter if you’re an avid outdoorsman or an occasional adventurer, here are a few tape tips and ideas that are sure to stick.

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Tuesday 04/03/2018
The First Step After College: Leaving Campus
Updated: April 06, 2018 - 1:37 am

(NAPSI)—New college graduates may have the whole world at their feet, but first they have to get their feet—and everything else—out of the dorm and into their old home or new place.

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Monday 04/02/2018
The travel warrior's nutrition guide: 5 easy steps to be healthy on the go
Updated: April 14, 2018 - 1:38 am

(BPT) - U.S. residents logged 1.7 billion trips for leisure purposes in 2016, according to the U.S. Travel Association, and this number will likely grow in 2018. Whether you’re traveling for leisure or business, you shouldn’t lose sight of nutrition. It’s common to think, “Hey, I’m on vacation, so I can throw my healthy diet out the window.” Wrong. Traveling can throw the body for a loop with time zone changes, shifts in sleep schedules and the availability of fast, convenient and highly processed foods.

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Sunday 04/01/2018
6 delightful things in downtown Saranac Lake
Posted: April 01, 2018

(BPT) - Saranac Lake is a beautiful conglomeration of mountains and people. The downtown captures this essence in a wonderful way — eclectic eateries are interspersed among art galleries, music is on everyone’s mind, and mountains and lakes play peek-a-boo from behind the historic architecture. People visit for a lot of reasons, but they always find more than they expected while they’re here. Still not convinced? Check out these six downtown Saranac Lake draws, then pay us a visit. You’re sure to find a few more things to add to this list!

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Friday 03/30/2018
Business travel on the rise for women: Road warrior gives 5 tips for traveling like a boss
Updated: April 10, 2018 - 1:36 am

(BPT) - When it comes to business travel, more women are taking to the road and sky to get to their destinations. In fact, women account for 47 percent of all business travel worldwide, reports the Global Business Travel Association.

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Wednesday 03/28/2018
Take a trip through history: Visit Arkansas landmarks on the new U.S. Civil Rights Trail
Updated: March 29, 2018 - 1:31 pm

(BPT) - While Arkansas is known for its scenic beauty, it is also home to numerous historical sites considered vital in the fight for African-Americans’ civil rights.

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Monday 03/26/2018
Travel insurance tips for a worry-free vacation
Updated: April 03, 2018 - 1:36 am

(BPT) - Vacation may be a time to relax, but things can take a serious downturn if you lose your passport or if there is disastrous weather at your destination — or worse, you need an emergency medical evacuation. Though travel insurance can seem like just one more expense, without it, an emergency evacuation can cost over $100,000!

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Thursday 03/22/2018
Adventurers and travelers: Add this to your bucket list
Updated: March 30, 2018 - 1:35 am

(BPT) - Let your soul experience one of the most stunning and pristine places on earth, Western Australia’s Kimberley. Its coastline is so unspoiled, dinosaur footprints still smatter the rocks. Its oceans are so untouched, whales nurse their young in its warm waters. Its indigenous culture is so ancient, no other can match it. The Kimberley is more than a remarkable region in Western Australia; it’s one of the most fascinating and least explored places in the world. As world travelers seek unexplored destinations, The Kimberley has been added to their bucket list of dream vacations. This is a place that commands explorers to indulge in its many wonders.

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Wednesday 03/21/2018
Top 5 reasons to visit El Salvador in 2018
Updated: March 29, 2018 - 1:31 pm

(BPT) - El Salvador, Central America's smallest country, attracts a wide array of intrepid travelers who come to experience its vibrant culture and diverse outdoor activities. From its rich Maya history, to its volcanic beauty and generations-old artisan heritage, El Salvador provides plenty for travelers to explore.

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