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Today’s government violates God’s word

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Posted: Saturday, September 29, 2012 12:00 am

An earlier political party (Mugwumps) resembles "modern" Catholic hierarchy. You place your mug on one side of the fence and your wump on the other.

Inject any additional ingredient — notably compromise — and salt loses its flavor. Rush to government for answers and then complain? Government money is entrapment (slavish attachments).

Go to Christ for solutions, not United Nations. Teach traditional truth and build Catholic families (no marital dispensations). Catholic parents will then preserve their souls and vote right.

A modern lie: "We teach true Holy Ghost doctrine, but others hijack." No, you compromise and belittle the Holy Ghost. He is not the author of confusion.

Zechariah gave severe admonitions concerning last shepherds. By religious meddling ("Something had to be done"), shepherds have drawn their flocks into false government agendas. What happens if government retracts birth control demands?

Communist entrapment of individuals into a web of unconstitutional slavery remains (total dependency). Slick as Satan, their master: One step backward becomes many steps forward in the end ("dialectical" progressivism).

Justice Roberts — another Benedict Arnold? Much worse! He unraveled all the tremendous sacrifice since (picture dead U.S. soldiers rolling up on Omaha Beach). Cute? No, despicable. And presidents who nominate traitors are traitors.

Justices are not to make, rewrite or redefine law to their personal bent. Their only responsibility is to judge constitutionality.

Congressional responsibility? Prevent "non-elected" regulatory agencies and others from usurping congressional authority. Read all nonsense before voting. If 50 percent of the populace favors unconstitutional law, democracy succumbs to flitting passions. Remember: democracy crucified Christ (Luke 23:21-24).

Democracy was first promoted by progressive Woodrow Wilson ("Make the world safe for democracy"). League of Nations — Wilson's "New Freedom" or slavery?

Ivory tower leadership? New evangelization? I walk (able or not). Foot soldiers will never be replaced. Unless you put your life on the line in Christ's service, can you be taken seriously?

My models? Religious? Cardinal Jozsef Mindszenty, Hungary (love the man); St. Alphonsus de Liguori, Italy; St. Andrew Bethsaida; St. John of Patmos; St. Anthony of Padua, Italy.

Our republic? George Washington, Andrew Jackson.

Ron Arthur


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