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Letter: There can be no saints from post-Vatican II church

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Posted: Saturday, March 1, 2014 12:00 am

Many have a wrong notion that apostasy is outright total rejection of Most Holy Triune God. No, “modernism” is actually the most dangerous form of apostasy. It stays within the church to corrupt through compromise.

A “modernist” infuses “his” will into or onto the Will of God. For instance, let’s suppose God gave you a gift of a refrigerator that exemplified His perfection in creation. (I have always been given this analogy, because its something you see everyday with a large, broad side). The “modernist” will immediately slap his hand onto it. Obsessive or not, his “hand print” must be left.

The Rosary is a “high” form of prayer because it involves the “joint life” of Christ and His mother Mary. Both hearts were pierced (Luke 2:35). A “yes” to Most Holy Triune God at Annunciation “will” do that.

St. Dominic was given the Rosary by Mary (ultimately by Christ, because Mary never did anything contrary to Him). Divine numbers themselves tell a story. I’m not going to explain everything now, but just stress the fact that you can’t add a luminous (of the mind, not heart) Mystery without upsetting the apple cart.

“3” represents Most Holy Triune God: The Sorrowful Mysteries were placed in the center because the fifth (Grace) involves the Fruit of Christ’s Sacrifice (the Eucharist) in His Crucifixion. From the Cross, all Grace flows eternally “backward and forward.”

John Paul II (as do all “modernists”) had an excuse for his adaptation: the Eucharist. But you must remember the Sorrowful Mysteries always traditionally represented the Eucharist in the Crucifixion (the Fruit of His Sacrifice and the cornerstone of the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.)

No Last Supper without His Sacrifice. Latin Tridentine Mass had proper focus: Alter Tabernacle Crucifix are One in Christ’s Sacrifice (not a Protestant banquet table).

I could write reams of paper on John Paul’s compromises. But understand this: “Modernists” of Vatican II cannot be Saints. With Jonah in mind, I’m not going to tell you how Most Holy Triune God will act. But His Holiness demands action. Communion of Saints or modernists? The Cross— return or renewal?

Ron Arthur


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