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Letter: We learn about God and his history through Scriptures

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Posted: Saturday, May 17, 2014 12:00 am

There were two very good, provocative Religion page letters on April 5, “Science is proving Earth had a definite beginning,” by Peter Stearns, and “The Virgin Mary was not just another woman,” By Norman Sayles. Thanks to both men for opening up these subjects for comment.

Stearns’ letter credits the Holy Bible as his proof text for explaining creation’s beginnings, and indeed the Bible is the father of all science books.

The first thing God tells us in His word is that He made everything. We learn most about authors by studying their words. We learn about God by reading Holy Scripture and by studying His handiwork. We study the cosmos and call it science, but it’s really theology. We study math, and it reveals a purpose, plan, design and creation; we call it the “language of God,” and it, too, is theology. God’s providence and sustenance is called history because it is His story. He wrote the book on science and history, and it’s all theology and it’s all reliable for our study and learning.

It’s commendable that Mr. Sayles loves Jesus Christ’s earthly mother. She was a blessed woman and certainly a loving wife and mother. It’s true that children carry their mother’s DNA (dad’s also) and their moms carry each of their children’s natal cells; but it’s also physiologically true that there is none of the mother’s blood that ever becomes part and parcel of their babies. The blood comes from the father. It is written that woman came from man (Adam) and from man came sin and death; but from one man, Christ Jesus alone, came forgiveness and salvation — not from Eve or Mary. Man is not of woman but through woman; woman is of man, by man, for man. Scripture teaches “the life is in the blood.” Christ Jesus’ sinlessness didn’t come from a sinless mother, rather by way of a sinless Father.

Mary was a blessed woman chosen by God, and obedient to His will. But while faithful she was still a human being, a sinner needful of a redeemer. Scripture does not say Mary was sinless nor raptured into heaven avoiding death. It does say she was a faithful woman of God. She mustn’t be denigrated into a “goddess of man’s imagination.”

William Van Amber Fields


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