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We’re in a spiritual battle of our lives

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Posted: Saturday, January 26, 2013 12:00 am

Our fight for political and social justice is a noble but futile attempt at perfecting our world. While it is a necessary but impossible endeavor, it doesn't help in our real battle, which is a spiritual one.

Unlike our earthly struggles, it's not against an identifiable foe like political parties, government systems, organizations (including religion) or person. Our real battle is one of belief vs. unbelief. The battlefield is the hearts and minds of man.

When we read of Christian churches closing and parishes shrinking and consolidating, we must not lose hope and heart, because we know the gates of hell will not prevail against Christ's church. Indeed, there is a world war raging against the church, a war waged by "spiritual wickedness in high places" against Jesus Christ.

All wars, earthly or spiritual, are simply an expression of sin, and they always mean misery and death. Death is one of the most difficult things for Christians to grasp, but we must because we all must die.

The question becomes, will we die physically, spiritually or both? In other words, if we are born once, we will die twice, but if we are born twice, we will only have to die once.

It is necessary to understand what and who the church and Jesus Christ is. The church isn't particularly one of the 40,000 various denominations in the world. It is hidden within these diverse denominations, but unlike them, isn't dependent on man's government or infrastructure (buildings, campuses, theaters, stadiums, etc.) for its existence.

Christ's church is a living organism, a body created by God for God, where His word and gospel is preached and heard and learned for the subsequent "second birth" in the spirit of God. Scripture describes the church as two or more people, born again of His spirit, gathered in His name — literally the Body of Christ anytime, anywhere.

His church is all those who believe, wherever we sit or stand — in China, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan or USA. Now is the day of salvation.

Please pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

William Van Amber Fields


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