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Religion letter: Communism is a separation from God

Posted: Friday, August 21, 2015 11:47 pm

Editor: As the Cross has “2” “witnesses,” true justice and mercy, so does Communism: 1) Total governmental control which, in turn, demands 2) Total atheism — removal of Divine worship.

Marx studied in England. Lenin (“penniless”) came out of Germany. Rockefeller had Number 1 Karl Marx Square in Moscow for his Chase Manhattan Bank (official bank of the U.N.) Armand Hammer, a U.S. industrialist, had free air space into the Soviet Union. The United Nations was created by Alger Hiss, a Soviet agent in the State Department. The U.N. resides on Rockefeller land in New York City. Everytime Communism languished from economic control, the U.S. bailed it out. Select U.S. billionaires that support internationalism also support abortion and China’s population control.

Our country was founded on Declaration of “Independence.” Communist world control advocates internationalism to what extent? 10 regions — an “imitation” of 10’s Divine meaning which is testimony of God’s Dominiion (perfect Kingdom on earth). 10 Commandments or hundreds of man-made “new” laws?

Communism’s roots go back to the ungodly French Revolution — but actually goes all the way back to angelic rebellion against Most Holy Triune God. In the U.S., it can be traced to Woodrow Wilson’s shadow government of Colonel House. He constantly traverse the Soviet Union, followed by prominent educators thereafter.

Wilson’s famous statement: “Christ is not practical enough. We need the League of Nations.” Very similar to Pope Paul VI giving his Papal rings to the United Nations, forgetting that Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6). Before Vatican II, all Popes condemned Communism.

The Hegelian dialectic futilely attempts to refashion Truth through man-made philosophy. It depends on chaos which the Anti-Christ will temporarily appear to solve. But without avail!

Remember: Chaos is merely a step. Prophecy will give you a much more complete, long-range view.

Remember: Communism isn’t foreign. It is right “here” in River City (namely, New York City).

Since Vatican II, we have Hegelian dialectical talk: dialogue (refashion Truth?), diversity over unity, “new order” of mass, new theology and evangelization, new feminism, new Catechism, “Fast Track” to Sainthood, transformational change (inner or outer?), social justice, phenomenology.

Ron Arthur