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Man opposes God out of envy

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Posted: Saturday, February 23, 2013 12:00 am

The News-Sentinel's Religion page letters of Feb. 2 were especially insightful and enlightening. Thanks to the writers and the News-Sentinel for the forum.

The government hates Christianity and will undermine her in every way possible, but it is not the government that corrupts the "church" — the church does a bang-up job herself.

Case in point: Church leaders' involvement in and cover-up of the pedophilia and pederasty scandals and the high rate of homosexuality within many seminaries, convents and other "religious" communities.

This mess is detrimental to the cause of Christ, but we hope that the gates of hell won't prevail against the "Body of Christ."

Audrey Boyd's letter of Feb. 2 referred to atheists or unbelievers as God-haters. Indeed, unbelief is hate. In fact, God Himself, in His second commandment (Exodus 20:5 and Deuteronomy 5:9), refers to unbelievers as "them that hate me."

Man opposes God out of envy and covetousness of His holiness, righteousness, justice and love. Man inherently knows God exists, but hates and rejects God because man despises being accountable to Him.

Skeptical agnosticism and atheism is not a denial of God's existence, rather a hatred or jealousy of it.

We live in a confused and declining culture. We are a nation going the wrong way and refusing to turn it around. We can see our world boiling in perversion and violence while we watch our freedoms eroding before our eyes. Yet we refuse to equate and understand our loss and misery in relation to our sinful actions.

Our nation has chosen to reject God and accept everything else. We've chosen the way of our "new gods":

  • Abortion (56.3 million unborn murdered since 1973), hence our economy lays in ruin because we've killed our future.
  • Our perversion of God's plan for marriage and family (the building block and foundation of civilization), hence, our culture staggers under the weight of our sexual sin.
  • Our corrupt business practices, blatant bank fraud and theft, hence our terminally ill financial system poisoned by our selfishness and greed.

William Van Amber Fields


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