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Letter: Our suffering helps us grow in Christ

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Posted: Friday, May 30, 2014 11:06 pm

I am not a writer; I’m a transcriber. Those in the Holy Ghost will understand.

The person I least trust is myself. I pray that the words that come out of my mouth won’t do damage to the glory of Most Holy Triune God.

What has benefited me most? My mother’s suffering. She came home from miraculous hip surgery (that doctor had little to work with — very brittle bones with what is left). Within a week she fell and broke her other hip and shoulder. I became her prayer warrior (Psalms — my reliable standby).

Although everything was very bleak, I was reassured that relief would occur — my mother would survive.

I do the cooking. After working outside for considerable time, I came into the garage and heard a loud noise. Thinking my mother had fallen, I was relieved to see her sitting in her favorite chair. But then I looked across the kitchen. She had cooked a large crock filled with beans and ham. Fortunately, she had the foresight not to use the dangerous pressure cooker. Overcome, I pray for constant angelic help. That first sound of her falling never leaves me.

As a Mexican artist informed me, the Catholic Church is a suffering church. We all want “quick fixes” and miracles — but it is through suffering that we draw closer to Christ (whether it be our own or our loved ones — Colossians 1:24).

In my thoughts alone, I’ve failed Christ badly. But I do know that all Catholic Saints dwelt most on the Passion and the Death of Jesus Christ. They knew this to be the answer for their lives.

Many think they are attending a True Latin Tridentine Mass when it is only a hybrid like that of EWTN. I grew up on an army base where we shared our church with Protestants. In setting up the focus of our Mass each time (the Crucifix, Tabernacle, Alter), we learned our True Faith. From the suffering Christ on the Cross flows all Truth: our “eternal” True Sacrificial Mass. Our pain grafts us into the wounded, loving Sacred Heart of Jesus (Colossians 1:24).

When we are weak, we are strong. Our weakness enables us to be filled by Divine Strength.

Ron Arthur


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