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Is abortion any different than killing a toddler?

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Posted: Saturday, June 8, 2013 12:00 am

Kermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia abortionist, was found guilty of three counts of murder for killing three babies who survived his botched abortion procedures. His staff said that hundreds of babies met the same fate and, believe it or not, babies at 30 or more weeks were aborted.

Gosnell’s convictions were for murder on the three babies who were outside the womb, but what about the thousands of babies he killed who were still inside the womb?

Is a baby a human being outside the womb but not a human being 7 inches inside the birth canal? Does something magical happen in those 7 inches that makes the baby a human being? Does location make the difference between being a human being and not being one? Absolutely not.

Science has proven that at the moment of conception, a human being is created. The science of biogenesis states that if one wants to determine what something is, look at its parents.

An embryo in a woman is the combination of a female human being’s egg and a male human being’s sperm. What, then, is an embryo? Since its parents are human beings, it is a human being.

But pro-choice folks say a woman has the right to choose. Oh really? Does she have the right to choose to kill her 3-month-old toddler? Of course not; that would be murder.

Well, then what’s the difference between her 3-month-old toddler and the baby inside her womb? They are both human beings. The only difference is in the stage of development and location. Yet aborting a baby inside the womb is not considered murder. Do you see how tortured this thinking is if taken to its logical end?

As a final case in the ludicrously of the pro-choice position, in New York City, where the mayor considers it a crime to drink a 32-ounce soda, high schools are dispensing RU486 (the abortion pill) to girls as young as 14 without their parents’ consent. Yet the schools need parents’ consent to give a student an aspirin for a headache. Enough said.

Pastor Frank Nolton

New Hope Community Church


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