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God departed from us after we departed from him

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Posted: Saturday, June 9, 2012 12:00 am

What has happened? Oh that we might receive eyes to see it and hearts to mourn over it! The Church sank away and departed from the glory that God had given her. The world gradually obtained the ascendancy, and crowded out the authority of God's word among our people. The word of God came to be despised more and more. It had to be banished from our schools. Isn't this cry increasing in our day?

Away with the authority of the word of God, the result will be a people with no fear of God. Do we not observe the sad results of this rejection of the word of God, in our day, and that the glory of our nation and people is departed? Are not the evidences among us that the hand of God is lifted up against our nation; that God has departed from us because we have departed from Him, and because we don't respect the authority of His word.

Oh that the church would realize she has forsaken the glory given her by God. May it please the Lord to set the church as a light in the dark and anxious days in which we live, and in which it becomes so clearly evident that God's judgment are upon the earth.

Oh that the voice of God's people might be heard testifying against nation and people, against the departing from God and against the disavowing of the authority of that great Majesty!

Oh that the church in our country would learn to seek after and return to the firm foundation of God's word.

Oh that the people of God might feel the urge to seek the throne of grace in behalf of our nation and people — which is sinking from one evil into another.

May the Lord guide us through the thick darkness of sin, and through the blackness of oppression we may experience and cry out like the publican in Luke 18:13: God be merciful to me a sinner.

Remember that same door which shuts in the wise virgin's forever will shut out the foolish and unbelieving forever.

Willie Hebacker


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