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Spiritual war: Belief against unbelief

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Posted: Saturday, August 11, 2012 12:00 am

Thanks to Pastor Frank Nolton, Eric Shields, Chandra Foster and Armon Ben Binyamin for their informative and interesting letters. Thanks also to the News-Sentinel for the opportunity of public discourse and dialogue.

Of course, our hope isn't in our frail selves nor in our frail political process. Our only hope is in Christ Jesus alone, which translates into belief in the real Jesus Christ — the Jesus born of a virgin, the Jesus who lived a sinless life and died a propitiatory death on a cruel Roman cross for the sins of the world, the same Jesus who was buried for three days and resurrected on the third and appeared before more than 500 witnesses. Yes, the Christ Jesus Emmanuel, i.e., God in the flesh of man.

A Christian will attest to this truth and belief in it. Imagine if all our leaders could and would. Yet while anyone or group can call themselves "Christian," our Constitution mandates that no religious test be required as a qualification for office or public trust of the United States. And as plainly evident, anyone with enough money now can become president of our nation.

Jesus warned that no kingdom, no city nor a house divided against itself can stand. We (USA) have this problem, and it is a spiritual war with our minds as the battlefield. It's a battle of belief against unbelief, truth against the lie, right against wrong, Christianity against relative humanism.

Mr. Dan Cathy, president of Chick-fil-A restaurants, is being lambasted for his remarks opposing homosexual marriage. Besides having the right to his opinion, he is right that we've invited God's judgment on our nation with our willful immorality.

Only a fool would think we can thumb our noses at God and mock him with our fraud and theft, our destruction of our families with divorce and addiction, our abortion murder of our babies and our illicit fornication and sexual perversion.

Immorality is the root cause of all social crises, and man's deceitful, treacherous and desperately wicked heart is the cause of Divine Judgment.

William Van Amber Fields


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