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Letter: Naming post-Vatican II popes as saints is a bad idea

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Posted: Friday, October 4, 2013 11:43 pm

The sole originator of Vatican II was Pope John XXIII (Angelo Roncalli). Roncalli’s modernist leanings came from his mentor, Bishop Radini Tedeschi and other so-called progressives.

In 1974, Roncalli was dismissed from the Lateran College in Rome, accused of modernism which was reportedly part of his file. He was then exiled to Bulgaria by personal order of Pope Pius XI.

Years later, Pope Pius XII sent Roncalli to France as a nuncio. However, he was dismissed from this position after supporting the Marxist worker-priest movement which seemed more interested in class warfare than eternal Salvation.

Pope Pius XII fired Roncalli by essentially making him a Cardinal and retiring him to Venice. His Cardinal that was presented to him by the president of France was an atheist-socialist. Surprise again! Roncalli comes out of retirement to become Pope. However, he creates controversy again by taking the same name of the anti-Pope Baldassare Cossa (John XXIII) which all previous Popes avoided for over 500 years.

After moving into the Vatican, Pope John XXIII placed an ancient statue of Hippolytus, the first anti-Pope of the third century, at the entrance of the Vatican library.

In taking the name John, Roncalli knew that most of the preceding Popes with this name died early. Thus, he ignored the warnings of his advisers that the council was of such great magnitude that it would take 20 years. And in a hurry to have the whole world participate, he made the Metz Agreement with the devil, Communist Russia, not to condemn communism. In fact, his opening council remarks, “doomsayers” were directed at Fatima followers who warned about Russia.

If there are any doubts about his questionable motives, Pope John XXIII removed them by inviting modernists previously condemned by Pope Pius XII. Compromise ruled. And to ensure that it continues, all that is needed is respectability — a saint approved among the post-Vatican II Popes. How about two? The only two Popes earning Time Magazine’s infamous cover, “Man of the Year.” Sainthood for post-Vatican II apostates won’t glorify Vatican II. Not a good plan! Dangerous path! Superficial!

Ron Arthur


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