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Letter: Man will not come to Christ, the Holy Spirit leads him there

Posted: Friday, June 12, 2015 10:53 pm

Let us see how God works by His Spirit in our hearts to bring us to Christ and translate us from the kingdom of darkness, the kingdom of Satan, into the kingdom of Christ, thereby making us spiritual children of Abraham, the true Israel of God.

God's eternal purpose was that both Jews and Gentiles would be fellow heirs together of the same promise, and that they would make up the church, the body of Christ, the true Israel of God (Ephesian 2: 11-22).

How is a man going to walk in the path of righteousness and true holiness when he is satisfied with the path of self-will, self-pleasing, self confidence and self-righteousness? How is a man going to pick himself up by his boot straps and bring himself to God, seeing he lies dead in sin?

Man will not come to Christ, he cannot come to Christ; (John 6: 44) he must be brought there by the Spirit of the living God. So to be made a member of the body of Christ, to be made a part of the true Israel of God; it must be wholly and completely a work of God's distinguishing grace based upon the Lord Jesus Christ, by His blood shedding at the cross.

And since Jew and Gentile, lie dead in trespasses and sin, it is of necessity that the Holy Spirit work in our hearts if we are ever saved and made the true Israel of God. “It is the spirit that quickened; the flesh profited nothing.” Did you hear that? “The flesh profited nothing.” The flesh has no part in the work of God. We must be born again by the instrument of the Word in the hands of the Holy Spirit.

It is not the choir, nor the soloist, nor the preacher, but the Spirit that quickens. The Holy Spirit must show you that God will not except part from you and part from Christ. We find like Jonah did in the belly of the whale, that salvation is of the Lord.

I praise Him that He would take dead, vile, wretched, hell deserving sinners, both Jew and Gentile, to deserve nothing but to be cast out of His presence forever, and make them His very own. Great believer thou wouldst have been a great sinner if God had not made thee to differ.

Willie Hebacker