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Letter: Our society is filled with chaos and twisted logic

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Posted: Saturday, March 8, 2014 12:00 am

Twisted logic seems to be the order of the day.

Recently, CVS announced that they are going to ban cigarettes from their stores, and last year the mayor of New York City tried to ban large sodas from being sold. Yet there is a big push to legalize marijuana for recreational use (Colorado and Washington have already done so).

Interesting. Have you ever heard of a driving fatality caused by someone under the influence of Dr. Pepper or nicotine? On the other hand, a CBS poll revealed that 30 percent of fatally injured drivers tested positive for drugs, with marijuana being the main culprit.

Another absurdity is the death penalty and abortion. Many states have a disdain for the death penalty because there is evidence that it causes pain to the criminal being executed. Yet many have no problem with abortion even though there is evidence that fetuses feel pain as the “doctor” murders them. Anti-abortionists aren’t waging war against women, they’re just fighting the pro-abortionists in their war on children.

And what about our schools? California public schools rank pretty low in quality of education, but instead of working to better the quality of our educational system, our illustrious politicians spent time on passing bills to honor Harvey Milk, and to allow boys to use girl’s facilities and vice versa.

And finally, the gay marriage debate. The pro-gay marriage faction states that it is their civil right to get married, and if you are against gay marriage you are against civil rights. Well, how about the photographer in New Mexico and the baker in Oregon who refused to do a gay “wedding” because it violated their beliefs, yet were sued? What about their civil rights to follow their moral convictions in conducting their businesses? Would a homosexual baker want to be forced to bake a cake for an anti-gay rally at Westboro Baptist Church? Assuredly not.

America has eliminated God from its fabric, and a godless society is filled with chaos and evil. Left to our devices, there’s no end to the evil we can do, and we are seeing the horrible results of this.

Pastor Frank Nolton


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