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Letter: A traditional Catholic perspective on marriage

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Posted: Friday, June 5, 2015 8:44 pm

What is marriage? So-called modern Christianity will tell you that it is simply the union between a man and woman (essentially natural law). But if you truly understand the Traditional Catholic perspective, it is much narrower. It is a Sacrament instituted by Christ to give Grace.

The best model? The Holy Family: Joseph, Mary, and Jesus — a father, mother, and progeny, Jesus. You might say: But the Holy Ghost is the Father? Actually, your questioning is the answer for what marriage is intended: the union between three persons — a father, mother, and God. “3” represents “Divinity.” Like Most Holy Triune God, the Holy Family is both unity and Trinity. “Divine” marriage will last.

The Traditional Catholic Church is powerful; it is Christ’s Bride and Mystical Body. However, its influence works both ways: You mess with it, you are going to have a mess in society.

The last Pope before Vattican II was a true shepherd; he knew boundaries. I knew because my parents knew (they followed Pius XII — sheep know their shepherd). After his death, his anti-Modernist oaths were removed by the Vatican II regime.

Before Vatican II, Catholics didn’t seek out “dispensations” to marry outside the Eucharist (Holy Communion of Jesus Christ). He is the “cement” in the Traditional “nuptial” Mass. Why seek the compromises of false man-made ecumenism?

Also, the whole Sanctuary in the Most Holy Latin Tridentine Mass was represented by men. The differences between men and women were never blurred.

Women wore the veil (1 Corinthians, chapter eleven). It involves a much larger discussion, but it goes back to Genesis (woman created out of man’s rib). It is not merely a “custom” as those inside and outside the Church would have you falsely believe.

Modern society is blind in serving the false ways of the world. I weep for the delusion yet to come by ignoring the Holy Ghost, the Sanctifier of Truth. He brings us the merits of the Sacraments that are earned and paid by Jesus Christ via the Cross.

Ron Arthur


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