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Government is corrupting the Catholic Church

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Posted: Saturday, February 2, 2013 12:00 am

In 1991, John Szado, 81, died after being brutalized by police in Sacramento's cathedral. The police were invited by the bishop to protect against protests of an inaugural bash honoring pro-abortion and pro-homosexual GOP Gov. Pete Wilson.

What would happen if an "unrepentant" governor — Brown or former Gov. Schwarzenegger or Davis (all false Catholics) — want to politic at St. Anne's Catholic Church? How many men are going to risk their lives like John Szabo to declare God's territory? Will they side with the members of Christ's Mystical Body or the deceiver from government?

For the last 50 years (note time frame), welfare and social spending has been one of the U.S. Catholic Conference's main goals. The federal government has been providing 65 percent of the $2 billion annual budget of the U.S. bishops' Catholic Charities — the largest single expenditure of any religious group. Faith-based initiatives of President Bush? Or spiderweb control?

The price of taking federal money: Is it not truth? Will the bishops be scared of losing money if they protest abortion? Complaints? You accept government money with strings attached (witness pathetic Georgetown University).

The question has been posed as to why religions should be denied federal funds. Actually, the federal government shouldn't be supporting any group — abortion, Planned Parenthood, birth control, food stamps, corporate subsidies and foundations, public welfare, education, foreign aid, political wars overseas, etc. Aside from defense and the protection of life, federal responsibilities should be few.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency financed terrorism by allowing refugee camps in the Middle East to become arsenals for training and military operations. The main supporter? U.S. taxpayers — federal government. Debt? Trillions unpaid in college federal student loans alone.

"Inalienable" rights come from God. You either submit to God or tyrants. God must rule government; government must not vainly try to control God. Thus, the church must remain free from "financial" strings of governmental puppetry.

Government health care? Pure capitalism is intentionally not practiced today. However, be careful in downgrading "free enterprise." You will soon see its full substitute.

Ron Arthur


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