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Religion letter: Focus on repentance on National Day of Prayer

Posted: Saturday, May 20, 2017 6:30 am

Editor: On May 4 about 40 followers of Jesus gathered on the National Day of Prayer. We didn’t pray for federal, state or local government officials, for police and firemen, teachers and school administrators, nor our military. While these are areas that we definitely should be praying for and what most National Day of Prayer gatherings focus on, our prayer time was spent on something else — repentance.

If God is to move in our midst and bring a genuine revival, repentance is the key. After reading Daniel’s passionate prayer of repentance (Daniel 9:4-19) we repented fervently and with a sense of urgency for the sins of our nation — abortion, assisted suicide, sex outside of marriage, homosexuality, gay marriage, the transgender chaos, greed, materialism, and “self.”

We also repented for the sins of the church — lukewarmness, watering down the gospel, shallow discipleship, passionless worship, and adopting worldly ways. And finally, and most importantly, we repented of our own personal sins — each one of us got a piece of chalk and drew a circle around ourselves and silently prayed that God would send a revival in our land, and that He would begin inside the circle we stood in.

Revival is our last hope, and that revival must start inside the walls of the church. The very term “revival” means to bring back to life, which insinuates that there was life there to begin with.

This life is the church, which is made up of individuals who have been born again through faith in Jesus Christ.

In short, revival is a sick church receiving a fresh vitality and falling in love with Jesus all over again. All historical revivals were birthed in the humble, desperate cries of repentance from a remnant of God’s people who knew that He was their only hope.

On May 4, a small remnant of such people cried out to God in such a way. But it was only a beginning.

We need to continue to cry out to God until He rends the heavens and sends a mighty wind of revival in our midst. Will you?

Pastor Frank Nolton