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Vatican II led to a muddling of Catholic doctrine

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Posted: Saturday, June 29, 2013 12:00 am

Homosexuals are entrapped by Satan’s lies that they are being singled out. No, as a heterosexual Catholic, I have to follow the same ways of the Most Holy Triune God. Unmarried, I must remain a virgin to glorify Him.

Since Vatican II, Oct. 11, 1962, there has been a muddling of doctrine. Thereafter, irreverence — homosexual infidelity, abortion, birth control, divorce and annulments — increased dramatically.

Many praise Pope Paul VI for Humanae Vitae, but they do not realize he chose the lesser of two planks. Our relationship with Most Holy Triune God is very sublime. He tolerates total rejection more than compromise.

Homosexuality? Post-Vatican II teaching stresses the elimination of action. No, every evil thought must be attacked. Christ taught that mere thought is action (Matthew 5:28). Any desire dwelled upon long enough will lead to action, guaranteed (Proverbs 23:7).

Another guarantee (positive, opposite course) — receive Christ worthily in the Eucharist for true life (John 6:54). Worthily? Confession (I Corinthians 11:27-29): You must examine yourselves, or you do damage to Christ’s body. Can one do damage to Christ’s Eucharistic body if it is not His body?

The Catholic Church is not a denomination. It is the one and only mystical body of Christ that comes together through Him in Holy Communion. Protestants ran with the word “spiritual” in John 6, suggesting that the bread is merely a “spiritual” representation of Christ.

No, the “spirit” is meant for “us” — to walk in the spirit of confession before receiving Christ in the flesh (John 6:54-59 and I Corinthians 11:27-29).

Christ never blurred roles. Simon of Cyrene carried Jesus’ cross, not a woman as in John Paul’s innovative procession.

I am free to promote men’s roles because my five intercessors are all virtuous women — St. Mary, St. Thérése, St. Agatha, humble St. Anne, St. Monica.

Shepherds are so fearful of feminists, they have neglected Holy Triune God’s designs. In kneeling before ungodly feminism, compromising shepherds have reduced men to mere ants to serve the earthly desires of “their” queen, Eve.

Ron Arthur


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