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Pseudo-science has no respect for you or me

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Posted: Saturday, March 26, 2011 12:00 am

The March 19 News-Sentinel Religion page article by Ross Farrow was an announcement for Bart Ehrman, a religion professor and allegedly renown biblical scholar and author who lectured Thursday at University of the Pacific. His subject was, "Are there forgeries in the New Testament?"

Typically, these presentations contain the predictable drivel that emanates from alleged religion scholars, i.e., shameful Christand Bible-hating redundant rhetoric.

Pacific, like most universities, despite its Methodist roots and very beautiful Ivy League campus, has become a bastion of belligerent rebellion and antagonism toward God and the Bible, and strictly for the sake of unaccountability.

The priests and priestesses of atheism, agnosticism and evolutionism, all worship and serve at the elaborate altar of pseudo-science and arrogant humanism, which is a crumbling facade that can't stand the light of truth.

The venom cascading from these ornately engraved temples of pitiful academic pride and foolishness is the denial of God, and the resulting spiritual death. Of course, the poison always fits the system it is designed to attack.

Speaking of design, how can an intelligent, educated human being not see God's clear design and purposeful engineering in the infinitesimally small and infinitely large, and everything in between?

A cartoon comes to mind, "Ducks in Lodi," by Marc Lutz, published in the News-Sentinel's Lodi Living section on March 19. It opens with a very scientific-looking duck exclaiming, "Behold, I have brought forth life where there was none! This worm lives!" A second bystander duck says, "That's just a piece of cardboard in a puddle!" The scientific-looking duck retorts, "You know, if you don't respect science, how can you expect it to respect you?"

Indeed, if it quacks like a duck and waddles like a duck, it must be a spontaneously generated transitionary species. Certainly, pseudo-intellectuals and pseudo-science have no respect for you or me.

William Van Amber Fields


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