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Letter: Man’s will is always at odds with God’s will for us

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Posted: Saturday, March 1, 2014 12:00 am

The Associated Press article “Methodists torn over gay marriage,” Feb. 15, tells the tale for Christendom’s condition on the whole. A tale of unspeakable sadness for our lack of knowledge and our error. We die for our lack of knowledge and we are accountable for our error.

Christianity is under attack and not just from false religion. We can see the onslaught against the church facilitated by the religious environment of rampant apostasy and tolerance for all things intolerable.

The central issue in all Christian controversy, including homosexual marriage, is always a choice between God’s stated word and will for us and our own will for us. Our track record for making righteous choices isn’t good at all. The question is always: Will we throw out the Bible so we can do what we want? And the answer is: You betcha we will, and all in the name of love and tolerance — evidence our abortion holocaust of 63 million babies, unspeakable.

Tolerance is virtue to people with no conviction, and it is the last virtue of a totally degenerate society. The last sin for this society becomes intolerance, i.e., the judgment of sin according to God’s criterion becomes an intolerable act of intolerance toward the toleration of unrighteousness.

Without a biblical world view, i.e., an understanding that the laws of nature is God’s will revealed in nature, and that He is the source of all truth and the Law. Witness the marriage of one man (Adam) and one woman (Eve) for life, until death do us part. Anything else is merely willful vanity and we are accountable for our willful vane error.

William Van Amber Fields


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