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We are descending into spiritual darkness

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Posted: Saturday, April 6, 2013 12:00 am

A portion of this is taken from a letter by Jeff Pollard, pastor of Mount Zion Bible Church in Pensacola, Fla.:

Why are American churches so weak, powerless, worldly and increasingly irrelevant in our culture? Millions of sinners are rushing toward hell with every passing day. We have experienced the mighty moving of God's Holy Spirit that we call revival.

Yet as we watch, our leadership, culture, communities and churches descending into increasing spiritual darkness. Did we ever experience the soul-transforming work of God called revival? History tells us we did.

The political landscape is dismal, and with few exceptions, utterly bereft of integrity. Constitutional principles are disappearing faster then most realize. Political parties are ineffective, homosexuals ascending, marriage declining, family redefined, fornication and adultery accepted, celebrities worshiped, marijuana legalized, abortion continuing, violence increasing, occultism rising, freedom evaporating.

The government is driving our nation with its accelerator to the floor board on the broad way to destruction. Apparently, few take seriously the prophets' warning, "Cursed is the man that trusted in man" (Jeremiah 17:5).

While many flirt with the world, others have openly crawled into bed with it. Nevertheless, there is hope. Real hope. Eternal hope. The church of Jesus Christ has the truth that, empowered by God's spirit, changes human hearts, one at the time.

Some profess that Christians ignore revival. Some profess that Christians virtually worship the thought of revival. Some rightly declare that if Christians would simply and faithfully live what they already know, it would look like revival.

Whatever our view, most of us would agree that things are too far gone for man's philosophies, technologies, movements or governance to resolve the monumental problems our nation faces. We desperately need great awakening. May Jesus Christ, our crucified and resurrected Lord of glory, grant it.

May we repent of our personal, familial, congregational and national sins, cry out to God for cleansing and preach Jesus Christ, His shed blood, justification by faith alone, regeneration and plead with our great God for revival.

For the glory of Christ, the love of His people and the health of His blood bought churches.

Willie Hebacker


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