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Letter: Arab and Jewish conflict is due to family conflict

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Posted: Saturday, July 26, 2014 12:00 am

All of the upheaval and death we witness between the Jews and Arabs, and the world at large, is the result of and repercussions from unbelief and impatience with God’s promise to Abraham and Sarah. The fallout from this deep familial rift upsets the whole world in one way or another, and those repercussions are painful and costly and certainly prophetic. For your interest, the biblical accounts are documented in the Book of Genesis, chapters 15, 16, 17, 21, 25, 26 and 27.

God promised Abraham and Sarah a son, but as time passed they remained barren, and so, impatient with God’s timing, Sarah offered Abraham her Egyptian servant, Hagar, as a surrogate. He, in his lack of faith and impatience, copulated with Hagar and they conceived a son, Ishmael. However, at God’s appointed time, Abraham and Sarah conceived Isaac, their son of promise.

Evidence the problem at hand, and the birth of a violent protracted feud — one household, one father, one wife, two mothers, two half-brothers, one birthright and blessing, and one big problem.

This fraternal rift was deepened when Isaac and his wife Rebekah conceived twin boys Esau and Jacob. Esau was first born with Jacob on his heels. Time passed, and Esau, disrespectful of his birthright, sold it to his brother Jacob for a mere bowl of stew. Later when Isaac was on his deathbed, his wife Rebekah and son Jacob deceived Isaac into giving his paternal blessing to Jacob instead of Esau.

Abraham’s son, Ishmael, from Sarah’s Egyptian handmaid, Hagar, fathered 12 tribes of Arabia and is an Arab patriarch. Abraham’s son, Isaac, from his legitimate wife Sarah, fathered twins, Esau and Jacob (Israel), and Jacob produced the 12 tribes of Israel. Esau, also an Arab patriarch, fathered the Edomites. However, despite all the blessings and wealth bestowed on them, these brothers and cousins are still raging and killing each other over the millennias-old family problem of the right of first-born son to birthright and blessing.

This mess could have been avoided had Abraham and Sarah waited on God’s timing. It does demonstrate, though, that God is always faithful and true to do what He says He will do. Please pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

William Van Amber Fields


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