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Letter: Concerns about those promoted to sainthood

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Posted: Saturday, March 29, 2014 12:00 am

Although Bishop Fulton J. Sheen has been promoted for Sainthood, I have reservations.

Having many books of Bishop Sheen’s, I’m probably one of his best supporters. He knew the Traditional Latin Tridentine Mass better than anyone on this earth. Yet, when it came time to protect Christ’s “eternal” Devotion from the Genghis Khan scholastics of Vatican II, he was silent.

I’m sure that St. Athanasius harbored no ill feelings toward Pope Liberius’ wavering against Arianism that almost destroyed the Catholic Church, but Athanasius was not to be deterred from fighting for Truth. A Saint is expected to fight for Most Holy Triune God even when the bottom falls out when everyone around him is going the other way, caught up in the euphoria of error.

I have grave concern for the cliquish nature of Vatican II. Most attention is focused on either Popes post-Vatican II or those who support it.

Cardinal Joseph Mandszenty served the Church well — better than any other church figure in recent history — but was treated very coldly in his visit with Pope Paul VI. He was refused return to Hungary; a moderate bishop was put in his place to placate the Communist Russians.

If you honestly look at any statistic revolving around Vatican II, you will see a dramatic reversal in the number of Priests and Nuns. Four hundred and fifty annulments climbed rapidly to 48,000 or more.

Many people outside the Catholic Church applaud and misinterpret my critiques to their own harm. No, I’m forever Catholic. The Eucharist and Confession alone demand my perseverance.

The Catholic Church is the one and only Mystical Body of Christ. Matthew 16:17-19 gives the Church the only promise of safe keeping. The passage declares, “it — the Church — will be preserved.”

The doctrine of infallibility has always been of a “negative” concept: Not any shepherd (even in his misguided high-opinion of himself) is given the power to destroy the Catholic Church.

My greatest concern? It is the treatment of the Tabernacle, which is first and foremost the cement “within” the Church by Christ’s design.

Ron Arthur


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