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Government not the answer to ‘crumbling’ society; God is

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Posted: Saturday, November 10, 2012 12:00 am

So the American people have spoken. We have re-elected a president who backs gay marriage, is strongly pro-abortion, has violated his oath to protect the laws of this land by directing the attorney general to not defend the Defense of Marriage Act, is not a friend of Israel and has taken this country on a course that is radically different from the Judeo-Christian principles it was founded on.

Additionally, Colorado and Washington voted to legalize marijuana, and Maine, Maryland and Washington voted to legalize gay marriage.

People danced in the streets with jubilation over their "victories."

Leading up to Nov. 6, Christian leaders urged believers to fast and pray for the election. Perhaps now, these leaders will realize that, even though we must be involved in the political process and vote with a biblical worldview and pray for our civil leaders, government is not the answer to our crumbling society. Never has been. Never will be.

Perhaps Christians will realize that we must concentrate our energies on praying for a revived church. God is the answer, and as we can see throughout history, He uses His church as an instrument of change in society.

The church needs revival, big time. We've been too busy remaking the church into something Jesus never intended — shallow, compromised, spineless and unholy.

A revived church is passionate, knowledgeable, bold, fearless, uncompromising and loving. A revived church is saturated with the Holy Spirit, sold out to Jesus and empowered to build the Kingdom of God.

Church, we are at a crossroads. Will we be the Nineveh in the book of Jonah that heeded God's call to repent and were spared judgment, or the Nineveh 100 years later in the book of Nahum that did not and was destroyed?

Will we finally wake up and start crying out to God in repentance for our own sins and the sins of our nation? Church, God is calling us back. He desires to use us. Revival is our only hope. We need a third Great Awakening.

Which Nineveh will we be?

Pastor Frank Nolton

New Hope Community Church


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