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We're being fooled about global warming

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Posted: Saturday, October 3, 2009 12:00 am

I always enjoy Steve Hansen's "lighter side" column. "Are you confused about global warming?" was great. Amen!

Indeed, mankind is easily fooled; we'll accept a lie and scorn the truth just like in the beginning. When we lean on our own knowledge and understanding of things, we buy into ridiculous scams like Darwinian and Theistic Evolution and the foolishness of "Algorean" climatology.

If we stop and really look at it, think how much this climate change global warming greenhouse gas hot air is costing us. And it's not the greenhouse gases that are killing us; it's the U.N. and White House gases.

Most people know the main source of heat in our solar system is our sun. The nuclear fusion process continually occurring on the sun converts hydrogen into light and heat. Earth receives about one-billionth of this converted energy. All life on Earth is carbon-based. Animals, including man, breathe in oxygen and breathe out CO2. Plants breathe in CO2 and give off oxygen. What a terrific design.

Air is comprised of about 75 percent nitrogen, 20 percent oxygen and 1 percent CO2, with the remaining percentages made up of hydrogen, argon, neon and helium. If it wasn't for this 1 percent of CO2, there would be no life on Earth.

Warm-blooded animal life may contribute one-millionth of a degree to the Earth's temperature, and man's factories maybe another one-millionth of a degree. But other factors — like weather fronts, moisture, clouds, Earth's changing pole positions and sun flares, may influence Earth's temperature, and man has no control of these factors.

White House flatulence is stinking up the planet: The support of the murder of our unborn children and our old and infirm, along with the endorsement of homosexuality as a normal lifestyle including homosexual marriage; the diminishment of God's creative plan and design with the acceptance of Evolutional Theory instead; the turning our back on our dear friend Israel by encouraging the exchange of "Land for Peace" and also a less-defensive stance by Israel against her enemies; and the blatant rejection of Biblical economic principles and advice concerning deficits, hence the absolute corruption of our financial system and its global fallout.

When we serve the wrong God, we get the fruit of the wrong God. Without our hearts and minds sealed in and by the Word of God, we are open to deceit and defeat by the petty grifters who slip in unaware to steal our wares. Beware of your wares, and be aware of Genesis 8:21-22.

William Van Amber Fields


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