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Society needs to learn to accept everyone

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Posted: Tuesday, December 18, 2012 12:00 am

I'm disgusted by the self-righteous letter written in regards to the "Rainbow Pride" float at the Lodi Parade of Lights. Let's get real. We need to all get over ourselves and learn to accept everyone no matter their beliefs, sexual preferences, skin color, religious practices or political allegiances. This judgmental, holier-than-thou attitude that any one of us is better than anyone else is detrimental to us as a society.

I'm a teacher of 26 years and a father of two children, and I attempt to instill in any child I work with that everyone is unique, and we need to accept, not judge, one another. My boys already know that a couple might be a man and woman, two men, two women, mixed races, varying ages — whatever — and when they ask a question I answer them. Shielding your children from the reality that is life does a disservice to them. I feel sorry for them, to be honest.

On this float were courageous people who are proud of who they are, no matter their sexual preference, but because they are aboard a rainbow float, instantly there are those simple-minded folk who judge them. Ms. White, You don't know them. All you care about are your uber-conservative beliefs, which is fine. Believe what you will. Be close-minded. However, to express your anger-based beliefs publicly is disgusting.

I have been involved in theater for many years, and the theater welcomes all sorts — old, young, black, white, gay, straight — and I love them for what they all bring to the space. There are some amazing people who are very different from us who have a lot to share with our world, and when we can all do that, our lives — as well as our children's lives — will be better for it.

Believe me because I know first-hand, judging another human being for the choices they are making, and have a right to make, can cause much pain and anguish. For those on the float at the Parade of Lights, hold your heads high and be proud of the outstanding people you are.

Mike Bartram


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