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It’s time the voters’ voices are heard

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Posted: Tuesday, May 8, 2012 12:00 am

During the last election, voters tried forcing our legislators to balance the budget and do their job, but the judge disagreed with a majority of the voters to do something not to their benefit. They have their own agenda and it has nothing to do with solving California's problems.

Raising taxes isn't the way to balance the budget. We are $2 billion in debt just on the state retirement fund alone, and increasing every day. It seems to be a hide-and-seek game in Sacramento; what you think you are getting, you're not.

Now we're going to vote on the death penalty — that's a laugh, what death penalty? They usually die of old age. You have a person with knife in hand, blood on his clothes, DNA and 23 witnesses, so the judge says he needs four attorneys at $400 an hour for each; so many appeals that most people can't count that high. This is where the cost comes from, not from incarceration. It's lawyers and millions in appeals.

What happened to the witnesses? I am sure the judge thinks they are not capable of understanding what they are seeing. Anyway, it might sway the jury, and don't bring up his past — that certainly won't be allowed in court, as it doesn't pertain to the present charge. With a rap sheet 12 pages long, this is not admissible in court? "Cop" a plea and don't bother making your bunk bed, you'll get five years of probation or go to jail. You know you're not staying long enough, with the overcrowding, for your food to get cold.

When will the voters' voices be heard and enforced? I know with Leroy Ornellas running for state senator, 5th district, we can get some of the badly needed adjustment in Sacramento. Can we take a look at where the money is going?

Governor, I think we need some facts about our budget. Am I saying that right? Maybe I should say facts about all money, including money coming from taxpayers, that makes up the support of California. Is this possible, governor, or is this confidential?

Ben Coleman


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