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Letter: America has found its ruling class


It’s official: There’s a ruling class that sees itself better, more intelligent, more compassionate and more worthy than the people whose labor and sweat they feed off. It is the professional political ruling class that enacts laws and regulations on the people that they themselves are immune to.

Example: Last week the Office of Personnel Management, under pressure from Obama and Congress, said it would rule that state governments can keep making contributions to the health care premiums of members of Congress and their aides. We, the taxpayers, will be paying for their “Cadillac health plans” and subsidies while we lose ours or face enormous premium hikes.

Reason: They can’t afford Obamacare, which will force them to look for more lucrative jobs. There is no concern on the impact to taxpayers who are being forced into part-time work because their employers are forced by government to cut back if they’re to survive. The most ludicrous reason comes from that intellectual philosopher Nancy Pelosi, who said the loss of Capitol Hill workers would cause a loss of a “tremendous intellectual resource.” Are you kidding me!? As my Irish Nana would say in her brogue, “Jesus, Joseph and Mary!”

This government is out of control and out of its collective minds. The only way we can return to sanity, and “we the people” in charge of our lives and not government, is to return to the principles of the Constitution. The founders gave us a way out of an oppressive federal government — let’s follow it!

Ron Portal