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Stop overlooking president’s faults and focusing on misinformation

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Posted: Saturday, March 9, 2013 12:00 am

I cannot understand why you give Cynthia Neely space on your editorial page to spew out her misinformation.

Romney told no lies during the 2012 campaign. Neely should have done some fact-checking before writing her article “Mitt Romney’s lies are quite blatant.” She quoted the New York Times (such a lie-free paper) on Romney’s welfare act ad. Even liberal Mickey Kaus wrote, “It is striking that everyone who actually knows something about the 1996 welfare reform act says that Romney’s ad is accurate.”

And now today, her article on sequestration. She fails to write that Obama was the author. This law was written in the White House.

There is much waste that could be cut in all departments rather than needed services. Meals for Wheels cut? Why not millions for studying why goldfish swim in pools?

The Department of Homeland Security has released hundreds of illegal immigrants even before sequestration was in effect. Their reason? They will have to fire personnel because they won’t have the money to keep them. The very first duty of government is to protect its citizens.

Yes, I do want Obama’s POLICIES to fail. Borrowing 46 cents of every dollar spent; $16 trillion in debt, growing by $1 trillion a year. I don’t want this once-great republic to become the socialist state of Greece and most of Europe. I do think about the citizens who put Obama back in office, in spite of his failures (Solyndra, etc.). I think that a lot of them feel they have the right (Obama’s “fairness policy”) to live off the fruits of other people’s labor.

And just wait until people find out what Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act!) will cost them. Of course, Congress and unions are exempt.

Sally Morehead


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