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There should be no labels when defining marriage

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Posted: Thursday, April 18, 2013 12:00 am

In response to Patrick Maple's comment, left on Ben Coleman's letter "Gay marriage, straight marriage are not the same," on Lodinews.com, I must ask: Since when is marriage defined as a "unit of two people who are capable of reproducing"?

He also seems to have an issue about labeling a marriage between people of the same sex. Obviously, when two women or two men get married (and a label is important to him) it could be a "gay marriage." This could become tiresome, however. Would marriage between two people of different nationalities be called a "purple and green marriage?" We would then have a "second marriage," "third marriage," "fourth marriage," etc. How about an "adulterers marriage"? Or my personal favorite: "What a dumb decision, it will never work" marriage. Half of all marriages fail. I could go on — labels belong on clothing!

Mr. Maple, marriage is defined as a social union or legal contract between two people called "spouses." This can vary according to different cultures, but the idea remains the same. The "marriage" part comes after the ceremony. It is what these people create for themselves that is sanctified. A "family" has many definitions. How about we celebrate love between two people, period?

"Marriage equality threatens traditional marriage in the same way that abolishing slavery made freedom less important for white people." — Author unknown

Regardless of what we look like, the mistakes we've made or who we are born to love, we are all here for the same reason; to love one another with open minds and open hearts.

Debby Goni


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